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Lisa Pattison has provided instruction at Hope Wind Farm, CaninePartnership.com, Canine Water and Outdoor Adventure as well as at workshops for tracking training and Canine Water Sports. Lisa coaches the handlers of performance dogs, rescue dogs in addition to those training older dogs. Currently teaching dog training at CaninePartnership.com . Additionally, we teach Clicker training (with or without a clicker) provides quick easy feedback to the dog & it is fun for the trainer too. The quicker the dog understands what is rewarding him, the quicker he is to listen. Lisa gives students a dog friendly method to develop their canine partner. When handlers understand why the dog does what he does , then the communication can truly begin. This proven method ensures the dog enjoys learning how to behave while simultaneously creating a deeper rapport with his owner.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Congratulations Laurie and Willy on their AKC TD Pass at TCV Oct 11th 2009!

Today in Vermont, Will and I got his AKC Tracking Dog title! It was 37 degrees this morning, warmed up a little at 9:30 when we were told "this is your track" by the 2 Judges.
 You have to wait until the dog is out 20 feet of your 40 foot tracking line to follow. Yikes, looks like a MILE away. I was so happy to see alfalfa and higher grass in the field, because it's what we practice most often on.
 It was so pretty, the leaves are gorgeous in the nearby mountains. The sun was shining, and Willy powered out! Then...he stopped to eat grass on the second "leg". Does he hate me?!! I understand when I get nervous he eats grass.. but still-just go Willy!
 So I took a very deep breath, waited a minute, then told him to "find it". And off we went again. It felt like forever, but I thought we were getting close when suddenly Willy dove down, grabbed the glove, and pranced up to me with it!! Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you what that felt like! All those practices in the snow, rain, mud..it was all good looking at him with that glove in his mouth.
 I promise you I could not have done it without all the tracks people have laid for me, and of course, my friend, Lisa Pattison, who has taught me everything I know about tracking, and always encouraged me.
450 yards, 4 turns, ahhhhhhh.