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Lisa Pattison has provided instruction at Hope Wind Farm, CaninePartnership.com, Canine Water and Outdoor Adventure as well as at workshops for tracking training and Canine Water Sports. Lisa coaches the handlers of performance dogs, rescue dogs in addition to those training older dogs. Currently teaching dog training at CaninePartnership.com . Additionally, we teach Clicker training (with or without a clicker) provides quick easy feedback to the dog & it is fun for the trainer too. The quicker the dog understands what is rewarding him, the quicker he is to listen. Lisa gives students a dog friendly method to develop their canine partner. When handlers understand why the dog does what he does , then the communication can truly begin. This proven method ensures the dog enjoys learning how to behave while simultaneously creating a deeper rapport with his owner.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Track and Swim Saturdays at Hopewind Farm

Check out the link on my web page for Open Swim and Tracking Training Session for the details!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Towing Task at Canine Water Sports Test

From Monrow CT CWS TEST 09

Canine Water Sports Test in Sept in NJ

Here is a gifted team practicing for the Team Swim task in Canine Water Sports. This photo by Laurie Shuren reflects a beautiful symbiotic relationship.  All shapes and sizes of dogs can learn water tasks and enter the Canine Water Sports Tests.